Level 3 Criminology

Course Introduction:

The course is ideal for students who have a keen interest in the various types of crime and how they are investigated. Students have the opportunity to visit the local court, sit in on real- life cases and meet specialist personnel involved in dealing with suspects. Within the first-year students also create their own campaigns for change, to raise awareness of specific crimes that they have learnt about. In the second year students are taught about the usefulness of the personnel involved in criminal investigations and the different criminal justice agencies involved in cases. Flipped learning is incorporated throughout the course by giving the students tailored reading and workbooks. This gives the students the opportunity to be more independent by undertaking wider reading and preparation before the lessons thereby, helping them prepare for their future.

Criminology will provide students with a range of different skills including:

· Discussing and analysing real life criminal cases

· Assessing the usefulness of forensic techniques

· Working independently and as a team

· Creativity, communication, and evaluation

· Building confidence and self esteem

Assessment: Exam board WJEC. (Each unit is worth 25% of the final grade)

Year 1

Unit 1: Changing awareness of crime- 8 Hour controlled assessment (25% of final grade)

Unit 2: Criminological theories -1.5 Hour exam

Year 2

Unit 3: Crime scene to courtroom- 8 Hour controlled assessment

Unit 4: Crime and punishment- 1.5 Hour exam

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