Health & Social Care – KS5

Our curriculum provides students with an understanding of the skills and qualities required by care professionals in a wide range of health and social settings, giving an insight into how these services operate. We will build understanding of the values of care, particularly equality and diversity, alongside the softer skills of communication, to maintain a care user right to independence and dignity.

A key aspect of our delivery is to transfer knowledge-based learning into practical application by using case studies from the health and social care sector, which supports their level of understanding.  Using relevant scenarios or reports which are current and published through the media also supports the significance of their learning, opening their mind to the problems of the outside world. This also encourages learners to consider their next step in terms of further education or employment opportunities which they would like to pursue.

Courses have been specifically chosen to meet the needs of our students, in terms of the assessment format which offer a combination of internal and external assessment opportunities.  This allows students to build evidence of their learning which is then assessed in a format that they consider a strength and providing the best opportunity for them to achieve.  

Course Overview

Unit 3 – Health, safety and security in HSC

Unit 7 – Safeguarding

Unit 4 – Anatomy and physiology for HSC

Unit 13 – Sexual health, reproduction and early developmental stages

Unit 17 – Supporting people with mental health conditions.

Unit 24 – Public health

Unit 1- Building positive relationships in health and social care.

Unit 5 – Infection control

Unit 12 – Promote positive behaviour.

Enrichment Opportunities

The department provides trips to promote next step/employment opportunities. We also work with the ICE Partnership team in Bradford to coordinate guest speakers to visit our students, to talk about their job role within the health, social care and early years setting.  This reinforces the relevance of student learning as well as inspiring our young people in terms of employment opportunities that would be open to them on completion of their education.

We also provide several intervention sessions which provide personalised support and guidance in answering exam style questions and development of coursework materials.